Name Jewelry - Make Your Statement in ...

Name Jewelry - Make Your Statement in Style

Nov 05, 2021

Name jewelry has grown evermore popular in recent years, as celebrities and trend setters discover the appeal of this style of jewelry. Name jewelry is found in a variety of styles, and it is possible to find a piece to fit practically any personal taste. Pieces are out there for men, women and children alike.

The "Carrie" name necklace was made famous on a popular television show several years ago. The show's main character was considered on the cutting edge of fashion, and the show became a touch point for style mavens all over. Babygeschenke mit Namen When she wore the iconic necklace, in yellow gold with flat lettering, the style was again brought to the fore. The Carrie style is not the only one available.

The 3D name necklaces have an upscale, dramatic look, if you want something with the "wow" factor. For those who don't want to advertise their names, there is always the option of the initial necklace. Consider also two initials joined by a heart or other special charm. Pendant options are practically limitless.

Jewelry merchants online as well as brick and mortar stores carry many popular names, and it isn't difficult to have one special ordered for more unique names. However, necklaces aren't the only place to find name jewelry.

Popularized recently, two-finger name rings are also finding an eager audience. Another style inspired by television stars - this time reality show stars - the rings are worn on two adjacent fingers and the name stretches across both fingers.

To wear one of these is trendy enough to feel on the cutting edge. It's also unique enough to always have an appealing look despite current trends.

Name bracelets are also a lovely option for those seeking name jewelry. Name bracelets are available in similar styles as exist for pendants. Different chain styles such as herringbone and Figaro are often paired with a bold gold or silver name in the center. In addition, the classic I. D. bracelet is an option, where the name is engraved on the surface of the bracelet itself.

Selecting the right piece of name jewelry is based on a few different factors. If the purchase is a gift, consider the personality of the recipient. For example, a woman who loves to wear a sophisticated, classic wardrobe, a beautiful cursive script would be a lovely option.

A young and trendy hip-hop enthusiast might enjoy a bold block font. Whatever choice is made, you're sure to find a wide variety of options to meet your every need.

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