Dental & Orthodontic Supply Vendors

Dental & Orthodontic Supply Vendors

Dec 28, 2022

Dental supplies are obviously very important to the orthodontic and dental industry. Without the proper supplies and devices, dentists would have a tough time doing their jobs efficiently on a daily basis. In today's article, I am going to talk about the dental supply business as a whole, and, elaborate on the most popular items within the dentistry trade.

Let us take some time and talk about the wide range of dental products offered by various supply companies. Dental supply companies always carry examination gloves. Latex exam gloves are the most basic of all dental office products, as they are used by dentists repeatedly and on a daily basis. Outside of these gloves, other sterile products are sold to keep things clean for all patients who enter the office. Cleaning brushes, usually stainless steel or nylon, can be used to keep surfaces tidy. Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are also very important, as they can prevent rust from forming on surfaces, and yet don't require very much time to dry.

Disinfection is very important in the dental office. Disinfectant cleaner and disinfectant spray are used often to keep surfaces clean and sanitary. Medical grade disinfectants, which can sanitize areas in about ten minutes, are typically the best to use.

These medical disinfectants provide an efficient and safe means for the high-level disinfection or sterilization of medical, ophthalmic and surgical devices - including endoscopes and lensed instruments. A spray disinfectant is key, because it can kill viruses like H1N1 and MRSA. It is especially useful in treatment areas, laboratories, and other critical care areas where environmental infection control is essential.

Outside of cleaning and infection control, dental supply companies carry a plethora of other dental products. These dental products range from general dental, to cosmetic and orthodontic supplies. On the orthodontic end of things, most dental supply companies tend to carry brackets, archwire, impression materials, and various instruments. Some of the more specialized orthodontic instruments include a band plugger/director, which is used when you need a round, small plugger. You take care of the front side, and then switch to the other end for a precision ligature director. These are typically made of stainless steel for durability.

Other popular orthodontic instruments include the cotton pliers, and the needle nose hemostat. The cotton pliers sport finely tapered tips, which give you better visibility when using them. They also have a self-locking feature, which means that simply put, you're in control the entire time. They are stainless steel for easy sterilization and long life. The needle nose hemostat is a locking action instrument used for tying ligatures. This instrument also sports a stainless steel box joint hemostat, with finely tapered serrated tips.

Besides the aforementioned, many other dental instruments and products can be found through dental suppliers. Dental products are always going to be a necessity, and thus, it is important that our dental supply companies stay on top of things when taking orders. They should also be sure to keep their instruments sterile and disinfected before sending them out to users or retailers.

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