Wolf Skull Headdress Design

Wolf Skull Headdress Design

Feb 05, 2021


Do you consider alternative graphics or alternative clothing as a true art?

The question has always been debated in the fashion and art industries. Yet, most people believe that both art and fashion display many of the same qualities.

If you are a black sheep in the family, you certainly understand what alternative graphics brings to your home décor and also to your style.

The graphic presented here shows a human skull with a wolf mask with long horns.

The human head in the design brings a dashing view to it. The cover of an alpha wolf on its top adds to its appeal, and the devilish sheep horns over it indicate my brands persona.

My aim as the black sheep in my family, is to help create some unique alternative gift ideas for that special someone who is always a pain to buy for!

So if you are a fanatic of trendy art and fashionable clothing items and accessories, give yourself a pat on your back as you have landed at the right spot.

What do you think about this fantastic wolf skeleton design?

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