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Google Slides & Resources

Google Slides & Resources

Aug 20, 2020

As always my work is shared for FREE, but many of you have asked “can I copy and use in my class?” YES! I am creating these pages to help other teachers and myself get through this hard time we are in and make learning fun for our students. 

Feel free to copy, edit and change what you need to fit your needs. I only ask you do not resell for profit. I am not charging for my slides. Many people have asked for ways to Thank me for my time spent so that’s why I created this page. Donations/Coffee are not necessary but GREATLY APPRECIATED 😊 

Below are a few examples of my classrooms you are free to use as well as other links for you to explore.

***Linktree: My Collection of Classrooms 

***Teacher Wishlist 

***Buy Me a Coffee:

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