Amberlynn Reid Tarot Reading!

Amberlynn Reid Tarot Reading!

Jul 06, 2023

Hi everyone,

Something different to share with you tonight,

Youtuber Amberlynn Reid, best known for her struggles with her weight and being over 500lbs released a video a couple of hours ago detailing her break up from her girlfriend of 2 years.

My immediate response was that I wanted to pull some cards to see what was happening and to see what the cards would advise her if she came to me for a reading. So I decided to film it.

As you know I have NEVER done a video like ths but there have been many times that I have wanted to. So here it is. My video reading for Amberlynne Reid.

Because this is literally breaking news I wanted to get it up on the channel whilst Youtube is covering this in the hopes that maybe a few people will see it and get introduced to my readings. I hope you understand that that's why I haven't let you all have it a day early like normal.

It's uploading as I type this so shpuld be ready to view in a couple of minutes...

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