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Here’s A Wee Request

Here’s A Wee Request

Mar 06, 2021

This is a song called Jar Of Hearts by a singer called Christina Perry, or the Perry lady song as John used to always ask for.

Sometimes if it was quiet in Planet Bar and Kitchen in Edinburgh I would invite requests from folk. There was always the one person who’d try and catch you out, but since it was just a laugh, I didn’t really care if it was a bit messy or not. It would always encourage others to sing.

This song was suggested by the doorman John who loved the song. We used to stand and have a right giggle at times. He looks a right grumpy sod, but oh he’s so mischievous. He’s a well known face round town as he’s worked the doors for god known how long!

He loved this song so I sang it for him one night, and it became a firm favourite with a few people who’d ask me to sing it for them.

This was recorded by Guy who is John’s door buddy. He was on a rare night off and was in the pub having a drink. John had been off for quite a while so Guy asked me to do this so we could send it to John to let him know we were thinking of him, he was missed and we hoped he was recovering well.

Planet is a great bar, full of characters and stories that would curl your hair. I’ve often wondered about wrotong a book about Planet and another bar I worked in, Frenchies! So many stories. Maybe soon we will be able to sit and have a drink together and tell all those old stories.

So, here’s the song. I hope you enjoy it

Beverley x

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