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An Old Recording

An Old Recording

Mar 12, 2021

This is quite a special song, one I don’t sing all that often any longer as it’s one of two I get quite emotional singing.

This was one of my myriad competition songs and a firm favourite of my mums. It’s a little pitchy, but was recorded with no effects or touched up, other than a bit of reverb.

As I said, this was one of my mums favourites, so we had decided to play the song at her funeral. The funny part was a few of our friends at the funeral bickering over whether it was my version or Eternals that had been played. It was Eternal!

I put together a few pictures for the video, just using Microsoft movie maker or some such thing... I’m not a techie type so it’s pretty rough. But it has a lot of old family photos in it so it’s nice for me to watch from time to time.

I actually forgot I had it on my channel as it’s not a public video, so you may not have seen it. I hope you enjoy it.

Much love


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