PMJ Tour 2022

Apr 08, 2022

Hello friends. It's been a minute. I've been traveling with Postmodern Jukebox. So far, we've played 21 shows in 23 days. And we have 7 shows left. I hadn't played with the band in three years and it's been a blast to be back in action!

This tour has been hectic yet creatively engaging. In PMJ, we all have our solo careers, and we come together as a team, combining and sharing our creative energy. There is certainly something magical about this! I have mentioned in podcasts that this is one of the first groups in which I experienced this concept- solo artists coming together as a whole.

Whenever I go on the road, I generally like to have some personal goal or idea I'm working on, usually non-musical. One time it was to focus on meditation, another time it was to write poetry, and another time it was literally to watch as many horror movies as I could. This time around it was to focus on health and fitness. Thankfully, it's all working out (pun intended, wow that was a lame one lol). Our trumpet player, the great Mike Cottone- has generously been my personal trainer. I didn't even ask him- it just happened!

Anywho, we are on the last stretch of the tour. The grand finale. I have some shows booked immediately upon my arrival home, and will return to teaching lessons. Stay tuned for more on those things.

Here are some pics from the shows. Catch ya next time.


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