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We-Learn Wednesday: February 10, 2022

We-Learn Wednesday: February 10, 2022

Feb 11, 2022

This week’s We-Learn Wednesday sweets:  professional goals, web dev courses, soft skills, Quality Matters, Trailhead Quests, audio equipment, and Storyline tips.

It’s Wednesday + 1 day… does that count as a Wednesday for another epic We-Learn Weekly goodie drop? 🍬🍭🍫

If you have any resources or events you feel would be helpful to the community, be sure to contact me with the details so I can share the goodies with everyone!

Note:  Clicking on the titles below will take you directly to the resources being offered.  I’ve also included the links in the description, as well as other helpful links.

You may also read We-Learn Weekly posts on my website.

Advance Your Career with Professional Goals

The amazing folks at Asana have curated a list of tips for developing professional goals to advance your career.  As an Asana Ambassador, I’m a bit biased, but I think you’ll agree that this resource is fantastic! 

Web.Dev Learn

Speaking of amazing folks,  I discovered this awesome site by Google Developers,!  They have LOTS of courses available for web dev, accessibility, web apps, and more!  P.S. If you’re curious why “Google Loves Me” is a mantra of mine, check out my article on Medium: What Coding from a Hospital Bed Taught Me.

How to Develop Soft Skills Using Video | February 14, 2022

ATD and eLearning Brothers are offering this webinar on using video to develop soft skills.  Who doesn’t want to be a rockstar communicator?!?!

Elements of Quality Matters

Quality Matters has a really cool free course, Elements of Quality Matters: Deliver on Your Online Promise!  I signed up yesterday and assigned my team the course, too!

Trailhead Quests

I’m obsessed with Salesforce.  No shame.  I was so excited to recently find out that they have Trailhead Quests with prizes available! 

Audio Equipment for Learning Professionals

This is a short but really helpful article by ATD on audio equipment for learning professionals, with tips and tricks included.

Articulate Storyline Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers | February 16, 2022

My good friend Tim Slade of the eLearning Designer’s Academy is hosting a sweet webinar on Articulate Storyline tips, tricks, and timesavers.

Image description:  On the left of a black background is the date, February 10, 2021, followed by the seven topics of this week’s resources: professional goals, web dev courses, soft skills, Quality Matters, Trailhead Quests, audio equipment, and Storyline tips. On the right half is a pale blue light blue bulb with a plant growing inside (the logo for Bela’s website) with yellow dots surrounding it. Beneath is “We-Learn, Weekly ID, LXD, and L&D treats” along with “Bela Gaytan” and “” in green, coral, and yellow colors.

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