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We-Learn Wednesday: April 27, 2022

We-Learn Wednesday: April 27, 2022

Apr 28, 2022

This week’s We-Learn Wednesday sweets: surviving your 1st ID job, networking masterclass (introverts: sign up now), how to focus, ditching boring ID talk, virtual training hero hangout, online training tips, and Black-owned biz summit.

Hey gang! It’s Wednesday, which means another We-Learn Wednesday and epic resources for you!  

If you have any resources or events you feel would be helpful to the community, be sure to contact me with the details so I can share the goodies with everyone!

Note:  Clicking on the titles below will take you directly to the resources being offered.  I’ve also included the links in the description, as well as other helpful links.

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May 11, 2022: Thriving & Surviving Your First Instructional Design Job

I’m thrilled to be part of Tim Slade‘s community roundtable in May, discussing how to survive and thrive in your first ID job!  I’ll be joined by my lovely colleagues Kathleen Volk and Jim McKinley Brown.  We’ll be dishing on the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You know me: no filters and transparent AF, so this should prove to be an exciting event!  Even if you can’t attend, register anyhow so you can receive the link to the recording.  I hope to see you there!

May 4, 2022: Networking Masterclass by Christy Woods

Graphic containing multicolor, pastel abstract shapes. It reads: Networking Masterclass, Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 8 PM ET/6 PM MT, presented by Christy J. Woods

Christy Woods is greater than the coolest!  Although I am most definitely an extrovert, it’s imperative that I know how to more effectively interact with introverts.  Whether you’re extro-, intro-, or an ambivert (not even sure if that’s a word but I call dibs on it if not), this networking masterclass will be useful!

How to focus: Tips to get things done in a distracted world

I love Asana.  I love it so much that I am even an Asana Ambassador!  So when they talk about productivity, I listen up!  Check out this brief, 10-minute read article on how to stay focused and get shit done in this distracted world we live in.

Translating Instructional Design Speak Into Engaging Course Content

As instructional designers, we can’t help that we want to inform, be helpful, and be instructive!  What we often fail to realize is how boring that style of writing comes across as in a course and how disengaging it can be for a learner.  Instead, we need to learn to separate our instructional efforts (in the design of the course) from our narrative writing (creating the experience of the course).

In this pre-recorded webinar by the eLearning Brothers, you can learn through real examples of common course elements that get “borified” by our instructional instincts and how to rewrite them in a way that creates an experience for the learner that is more engaging, immersive, and learner-focused

April 29, 2022: Virtual Training Hero Hangout

Kassy LaBorie is the sweetest and gives so much to the community!  She hosts a monthly Virtual Training Heros hangout and always offers such lively and relevant topics!  This month’s subject is:  avoiding the silence that sometimes becomes a part of virtual training.  She will review effective questioning strategies and the “secret” of what she likes to call, “tacking on the tech.”

8 Simple Steps for Creating Online Training

Coffee cup with

Articulate has curated a fantastic list of things to consider when creating online training.  Bonus:  most sections/topics include multiple resources to support you!

Grow with Google Black-Owned Business Summit 2022

Grow with Google and the US Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) celebrated Black History Month by offering a free live stream event on YouTube on Grow with Google Black-owned businesses.  Grow with Google Digital Coaches led digital skills workshops, shared insights to help you reach new customers online, and moderated a panel with successful business owners from S-Spa of PGH, Talley & Twine Watch Co., and FundBlackFounders.  Watch the video to learn more.

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Thanks for reading this edition of We-Learn Wednesday!  I hope you enjoyed the resources this week!  Here are some ways to further connect with me and my content:

Much love, gang!

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