Mar 07, 2021

How fragile life can be

here a moment, gone the next.

We feel invincible that we can handle anything

but we start dying the moment we are born.

Mother nature's time clock starts to tick

but the ending is the mystery.

Will it be soon or a long road ahead?

Will it be quick or full of pain and sorrows?

Will your heart be full of love and compassion

or rotten and hard?

Will you live like tomorrow is not guaranteed

or will caution hold you back?

Life is an egg shell.

Hardships create fractures,

ready to crack open after another force of pain.

Be gentle to your heart, protect it as much as you can.

Be conscious that it can be taken away at the drop of a hat,

that those around you may become memories.

Hold them tight, tell them you love them,

and do not take them for granted.

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