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The honey heart meditation

The honey heart meditation

Dec 20, 2020

How wild has the last year been? Would you have believed it if someone told you 10 years ago what your life would look like right now?

I’m not sure about you, but for me and many other people I know it’s been a really challenging year - challenging in that it’s been the year to totally let go of life in terms of how we knew it or how we were expecting or planning it to unfold.

A few years ago now I began totally changing from the inside out and it started in 2009 when I had to begin doing work on my heart, I am so different now to how I was then. I have been able to open and grow and even though my heart has been shattered in ways I didn’t think I’d recover from I’ve actually been able to connect the heart and the mind and expand. I think I was always a bit different lol in a woo woo way but now I’ve is totally different and there is no way I would’ve believed what life would be like had I told myself this all that time ago.

And here we are again, but only this time I’m ok and here to help others who have only just begun the inner journey and who at this time are wondering what the hell is going on in this crazy world!

I was guided to do this meditation script a week ago for a beautiful powerful friend and afterwards we both realised this was to be shared with the whole world.

Here is the recording, I’ll come back and add the script soon but given the significance of the dates right now and the shift into the whole new space we are about to step into I need to get this up now.

Enjoy and remember - you are definitely not alone and you are not going crazy - reach out, there are so many of us here to help you 👍✨

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