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It’s is here I can be weird

It’s is here I can be weird

Jun 09, 2023

I find it fascinating how I have gone through months and years in my life suppressing urges, desires, quirky ways to the point where I totallly forget about them. then I do one thing out of impulse based on following a hunch, or intuition, and suddenly my own Pandora’s box cracks open….

I don’t feel I have anything within that would cause uneasiness in others 🤔 - except maybe my capacity to question and question and continue to observe and follow long after others have gone… this quality has not been favoured by others in my past unless, of course, it was to help them get what they wanted and was not achievable other ways. It led me to learning a lot about myself and to also packing it up and putting it away.

But lately the observation has crept back, the sharp awareness and ability to see what others dismiss has returned, noticing the differences in what was or was not there the last time I looked and it’s becoming more evident - people are commenting and I am recognising that look I get, which used to be followed by a your weird - how do you even remember that or see that??… when I was younger and still unaware of the different gifts or talents, I took that as a negative comment, now it’s neutral, now I smile and keep moving through.

And here I am, reactivating my little blog, after remembering it was a space I created to let my words and pictures flow freely and to just be me, to be weird, to share that weirdness and perhaps encourage others to question.

I’m happy to unpack the thoughts as they role through my mind, maybe one day someone will see something they need to see right when they need to see it and maybe it will be washed in amongst the sea of information swirling around attempting to dart amongst the monitoring.

The planets have shifted - it’s more than just this planet now, cracks are widening and it’s amusing to see and hear the stories and questioning coming from others when a big old influence suddenly steps aside for no apparent reason 😂😂 they can not hide - all is unraveling and finally it is safe to be weird.

See you again soon😉😉

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