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A beneficial pest - Douglas fir

A beneficial pest - Douglas fir

Nov 01, 2022

Hi there!!

I tried to share my experience and thoughts around this plant gift on Monday (2 days ago) and how it came about into my current reality but every time I tried to post it onto Instagram the app would shut down…… then today while watching a video a friend and fellow adventurer shared with me, the app again shut down right when the guy on the video was sharing about some finer details behind a current issue…. So given that and the frustration it added to I decided to come back to my own little platform and share this here.

A beneficial pest!

What do I mean by that? Well Douglas fir was introduced into New Zealand by some well meaning person back in 1859 - it grew so well that it invaded huge areas of land and this stopped indigenous growth 🤔🤔 I’m seeing similarities here lol!! As a result the pest became prey and has been harvested AND like all plants, has amazing qualities that can actually help us humans and are available only upon harvesting and come via the essential oil which is steam distilled from the needles and branches.

I’ve popped a picture here to show you the benefits that have been researched by people with the time and interest to do that and published in a book 🤙🏻🧰

If you want to purchase a bottle you can use the same company I do and become a wholesale customer of mine by following this link - I’m happy to share education and information with you aswell as other stuff and if you do choose to do this I will also receive a commission from the sale, which is a great way to be rewarded for sharing something I really love with those I care about - YOU!

Now back to the story - apart from the physical benefits, Douglas Fir, also has amazing metaphysical benefits - primarily being the ancient wisdom it brings through as it is a tree and fir (big knowledge) and it is sweet to smell and helps support with releasing, healing or processing ancestral trauma from the feminine. What does this mean???

In our present time it means this can help us to heal generational patterns from before our time which in turn then heals forward for those who come after us. I feel this is of great benefit for us and for the planet, for our Mother Earth, and that then expands out even further and that is pretty cool to me. The sweetness is also soothing while helping to ground and nurture our energy and emotional bodies. It helps me personally when I’m scattered and it blends really well with other tree oils depending on what you want to work with. At this time I use it with Cypress to increase circulation and flow and also Yarrow to help soothe the skin, I blend with a carrier oil and apply to my arms, chest and back of neck and breathe deeply. Just a drop of each, maybe 2 drops of Douglas fir for extra sweetness!!

At times I’ve also used it as a powerful manifestation tool and combined with rose, a renewal blend and orange - a touch of carrier oil again - and then applied over chest, heart area, up the neck and across my shoulders - again breathing deeply, visualising the goodness of what I wish to invite into the current reality (manifest into my life) and send the thoughts and good vibes out into the universe as I go about my daily human work, all the while smelling amazing and lifting up others as I go.

Why am I sharing this today?

Because I think we all could do with a dash of gentle joy, some sweetness and softness and it’s my guiding oil for the week according to the cards I usually shuffle on a Sunday 😉😉🧰🎩💐☀️

Enjoy the read and have a great day!!! Be you please 🤸🏻‍♀️

I’ll share about my shapeshifter guide (Miss Spider Web) in a separate post as she really fits well with the current clan mothers - Weaves the web - right when I needed the help 🤙🏻

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