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13 Original Clan Mothers - playlist

13 Original Clan Mothers - playlist

May 16, 2022

Hey beautiful souls!!

I heard that the other day on a young ladies videos that I do go back to when i want to understand gene keys a little deeper or want to link some self mastery tools together - her energy and info is really cool.

It dawned on me at 2 am this morning that it would be great to start actually consistently sharing and given we are up to the journey with the Fifth Clan mother - listening woman - now is the PERFECT time to write, reflect, observe and repeat.

So as I begin on this new journey I'm on I wanted to make sure I shared the link to the playlist on YouTube where I have uploaded the talks I've done each month introducing and sharing each of these lessons and where I'll continue to add content as it evolves and changes.

Feel free to check it out and to subscribe to my channel over there and keep an eye out for my online community launch here too - happy about that!!!! - where I can be 'free range' and share like we are just chilling out together :)

I am living my unique life - are you????

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