Where to find Food Resources

Where to find Food Resources

Dec 03, 2021

FOOD RESOURCES: I'm on some groups answering questions. This one hits home, and money continues to get tight for many of us. Goodness I feel you on this one. I've started going to discount grocery stores to try to make our food budget stretch further. I would like to tell you about FOOD BANKS. They normally do not ask you to prove your need but you do need to be from their service area. They typically ask for an ID to prove you are local.

I know it seems like those should be for the needy but really there are a lot of people that are in need these days. Many churches have food pantries. In our area "The gay outreach church" which is the Metropolitan Community Church even has a food pantry. Named after one of my sweet friends that passed away years ago. <3

Never go without food. There are resources near you. If you get help now maybe you can repay it, or pay it forward someday. I used a different search engine that I can't find now but this one looked promising. https://foodfinder.us/

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