Your Runner's High and Weed High are Con ...

Your Runner's High and Weed High are Connected

Oct 06, 2021

Your Runner's High and Weed High are Connected

Both of these have the following benefits:

  • Reduce pain in muscles and joints

  • Relieve stress and produce calmness

  • Boost energy and mood

They both interact with the brain to activate endocannabinoids (euphoric high) and endorphins (pain reducers).

What is a Runner's High?

After running for an extended time and distance some runners experience a state of euphoria and relaxation. It is sometimes described as "blissful", "calm", "euphoric", "high". There is a lessening of pain in the body and the mind feels happy.

Some say they lose track of time and feel they are moving effortlessly.

How does a Runner's High work?

It used to be thought that endorphins were what produced the positive mood boost. BUT these are what the body uses to reduce pain in the body. This would be beneficial to a marathon runner whose muscles and joints are almost worn out at the end of a race. The endorphins mask the pain and allow the runner to run on.

The endocannabinoids are produced in the brain and produce the natural high. Stress and anxiety are replaced by the feel goods.

What is a Weed High?

Cannabis plants are known to produce at least 140 types of cannabinoids. These are the substances that interact with the brain. THC is one such cannabinoid that connects and sends the "get high" message to the brain. CBD is another substance which increases the release of endorphins or pain killers in the body. It also increases the length of time those endorphins are active. (longer pain reduction)

Weed makes you high and reduces pain, stress and anxiety. Like the Runner's High it produces a calmness and relief. There are some runners that smoke or eat weed before a big race to improve their performance.

One takeaway is that weed or cannabis contains the same type of compounds that occur naturally in the body during the Runner's High. There is a connection.

Benefits of the Weed High

  • Weed is safe

  • Weed boosts mood (High) reducing stress and anxiety

  • Weed soothes pain

You might not be a runner that gets relief at the end of their race from a runner's high but you can experience the same effects and benefits by smoking weed.

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