When you feel like a failure

When you feel like a failure

Oct 12, 2021

I am bipolar and PTSD. (more like I have, rather than I am)

I was talking to a young lady today that was severely distraught. Happily she said that she had started writing a book. She spent countless hours working on the project and it made her really happy. She was happy when she wrote. Then came depression.

Rotting in bed, she said it hit her hard and knocked her down. She didn't want to get up. That is what it is like to have bipolar depression.

You feel like this woman felt, a failure. She felt like a failure she said, because she had to stop writing her book and take care of her mental health. She felt guilty and a failure for taking time to take care of her mental health? What?

I listened as she went on about being a failure, not being able to write.

I must admit that as a writer, I am uncomfortable with the idea of being a failure.

When I'm not writing, I'm reading.

Even if it is just reading other people's journey with bpd, it still can inspire.

You are not a failure.

Maybe just change things up when you feel better.

How about you?

Have you ever felt like a failure because of your mental illness?

That is the thing about bipolar depression,

  • it makes you feel worthless,

  • tired,

  • exhausted,

  • guilty,

  • regretful like a failure.

It's not your fault. It is about brain chemistry and imbalance.

"My brain chemistry may be messed up, but my heart is still in the right place." By BbqDad.

You are not a failure.

One take away as an aside.

I use cannabis to boost my mood and creativity when depressed. It also helps me sleep at night.

I'm trying to help a lot of people with my blog,

would you help too?

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