The Problem With Plastic

The Problem With Plastic

Sep 22, 2021

To be honest, I am not going to write a post about the problem with plastics except in how it relates to me and my specific cause. The reason I am not writing about it is twofold. First, I think my readers and followers are intelligent enough to know that we have a monumental climate crisis on our hands and that plastics play an integral part in that crisis. The second reason is that I am essentially being lazy and am going to send you an awesome article that is much better written than anything I can write.

Read the real problem with plastic here.

So why even bother to write a post at all? It is just to remind you all that when you support us with a virtual coffee, we will do our bit in a way of thanks and clean up our piece of the planet. A beach if we are near one, and if not, then we will take a local public space. We will spend 50 minutes cleaning up for every 5 coffees purchased.

We encourage our followers to sign up as a member because we will post evidence in the form of videos and photos of our cleanups, to prove and provide accountability and transparency. This is only available to members because if you know me, I hate having my personal photo all over the net. This is not about fame and fortune, it is about us paying it forward and thanking our sponsors and supporters so we can travel and work from the road. It is my hope that in the future, we can infect others with the will to clean up and make this a positive community spread.

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