G'Day my lovelies

G'Day my lovelies

Aug 30, 2023

G'Day. The sun is out, the sky is blue. The pigeons are making their cooing noises and fluttering their wings. The neighbor's 13 cats are wandering the neighborhood in and out of people's gardens and sitting on the Wendy house roof and annoying the dog. They also try and catch the fish in next door's pond but there is netting over it. Dogs outside barked on and off all night long probably because the cats were fighting. The Neighbour's dog has finally stopped barking after about 30 minutes. Off to the hospital today with hubby for his Zometa drip-fed treatment. Cuppa and sandwiches at the hospital and home again. A visit to the charity shop on our way home to see what goodies people give away. Washing in the washing machine but probably will not do it today. It is so lovely, quiet and peaceful when the neighbor's dog stops barking. Enjoy your day my lovelies.

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