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Chapter 6 release

Chapter 6 release

Nov 28, 2022

Hello Friends,

Glad to inform you, that chapter 6 of TPDA has been released on Globalcomix! As I promised, it's now completely free to read. Maybe more people will get into it this way. Any donation is still welcome though.

I wanted to write this post yesterday, but Tojgli (one of my cats) has decided to spend the whole evening in my lap. So... you know. One does not simply get up when a cat is in one's lap. That said, I was able to finish this chapter faster than I thought, because I have plenty of free time right now. Probably until January. If I get the job that I applied for, I'll be a working man again. I don't know if I'll be able to draw a whole chapter in one month, but we'll see. So chapter 7 has been brewing in my mind for a while and I made some decisions where the story would go, that feel better than what I came up with, when I first conceived the plot. I think I will be able to tie it together nicely. We're probably more than halfway through. In the meantime I started to make some adjustments on the earlier chapters, even changing some panels, that alter the narrative slightly. When I release the modified chapters, I'll let you know. Otherwise it's mostly redrawing stuff I don't like, and making the text bigger, because it's too small for the intended print format. I'm also thinking about translating it to Hungarian, to my native language. But at the moment, ain't nobody got time fo' dat...

I really hope I'll be able to finish the book before the end of 2023. No guarantees, as life is so unpredictable these days. Everything changes, yet nothing changes.

Thank you for your continued support and for being here, following my process! I hope you'll enjoy chapter 6, if you haven't read it already.

See you soon,


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