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Chapter 6 kickoff

Chapter 6 kickoff

Jul 10, 2022

Hello Friends,

Even though the work is still pressing, I was able to draw the cover of chapter 6! Voila:

You've already seen it, if you follow me on Instagram (which is most of you, haha). Almost finished a page too.

I have to say, now that the weather is much cooler here, my mood has improved significantly. I guess, I just like cold more. I also have a great inspiration to continue the comic, as these new parts aren't retreads of the old work, but stuff that I've been thinking of for more than a year at this point. Hope you like this cover. The woman with the long black hair, spreading her arms, is of course Theo. We'll learn new things about her as a character and about the others as well. I'm not sure yet how many pages Chapter 6 will be, as I'm not done with the storyboarding yet. A little bit of behind the scenes info; the first storyboard version (which is completed) is just the panels without any consideration of how they would look as a page together. It just serves to lay out the chapter and to decide what panels I would draw. The second storyboarding is, when I arrange these panels on a page and consider how each page would end so you would want to keep reading. That's the goal at least.

I think I could go faster with the comic, but I just don't want to force it when I don't feel like I could do my best. Despite that sentiment, I often sit down and whip myself mentally to just go. Usually, I draw the pages I don't like, when I do this. My work/life balance isn't the best to be honest and I miss life a bit. I went for a bike ride today and I encourage you to unplug yourself whenever you have an excuse to do it.

I took this photo today and couldn't help to draw myself onto it as a bit of fun for tonight :).

Thank you for being here, I appreciate your attention and support very much! If you have any questions or feedback, please share in the comments!

See you soon,


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