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A new story, life changes and some bad l ...

A new story, life changes and some bad luck

Apr 07, 2023

Hello Friends,

It has been awfully long since I posted anything here. I guess this is what happens generally, when financial strain hits the cartoonist. I'm working at a company full time now, so I can buy food and pay for rent. But let me start at the beginning.

After releasing Chapter 6 of Things People Dream About, I decided to take a break from that story and score a fast win by releasing a short comic as a zine. So I thought... I started working on this new story back in December and planned to have it released by now. In the meantime I was waiting for the company to decide if they would hire me. Eventually the did and I started to work from February. I made good progress on the short story, but then... my laptop went bust, that I was doing it on. The only copy of both that and TPDA were on it, so I was pretty mad at myself for not backing up the data. A bit of an advice: always back up your work, because a day might come, when your pc just doesn't turn on. And that's it. It was at the repair shop for a month, then they were able to conclude, that it can't be repaired. Luckily the data was saved.

The new story's title is; A man and his wife. I just like these simple titles that don't give away the themes of the story. And technically it's true. This comic is about a man and his wife. I'm writing it in Hungarian, but I plan to translate it to English (God give me strength!) and release it in physical form of course. I really like how it turned out so far and more than half of it is done.

Almost forgot the other major bad luck that has happened. I don't know how, but after setting up a two factor authentication on my art Instagram account (Drawnentity), I somehow got locked out of it and I couldn't get it restored. I wrote to Meta and everything, but I guess these things aren't get looked into by humans anymore. Another advice: have some selfies on your account, otherwise they won't be able to confirm that it's yours. My new art insta is bartam_arts. The worst thing for me, is that I don't remember the name of some of the really cool art accounts that I followed.

Anyway, this how things are at the moment. Here are some images from the short story. I also made my own font! I plan to get back to TPDA eventually, so don't worry about that if you did :).

See you soon (hopefully),


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