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功夫貓 Kung Fu Cat

功夫貓 Kung Fu Cat

Sep 17, 2021



功 夫 貓 來 也 !

千 萬 別 惹 他 !



Kung Fu cats are here too!

Don't mess with him!

The color matching of this photo itself is very good, and I really like it when I draw it🥰

Draw him too fat at the beginning, and then I will lose weight immediately 🤭


(The photo is a web picture)



I'm going crazy recently, but it's not really busy enough to have no rest, but the kind of impatient feeling that a lot of things can't be completed quickly, I will wander around and think about things when I do things, and I hope to get on track quickly🥺

❝ 如喜歡請不吝嗇按♡ ❞

✿I'm from Taiwan!

✿l like doodle✐

✿I love cat so much♡

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