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Banyan’s prop killed someone!

Banyan’s prop killed someone!

Mar 29, 2021

It was on a T.V. show, but still.

Back in 2010,

{{ how’s that possible when the 1990’s happened just like... last week? }}

there used to be a T.V. show called “Haven.” Purportedly based on Stephen King’s “Colorado Kid” book, it was an American-Canadian supernatural drama series based out of Haven, a fictional town in real life Maine.

Except it was actually filmed in Canada (eh?), more precisely, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Just an hour or so’s drive from where we lived. The marina yard was Banyan’s winter home.

The gist of the T.V. show was that the main characters helped and protected the locals that were besieged by supernatural afflictions.

In one particular show, the zamboni, toasters and household machines were coming to life, doing bad things, killing people. In the end, Banyan’s propellor magically comes to life and kills the bad guy.

He was a bad guy, which makes Banyan a hero, and the good boat, but still...

Here’s my original blog “M is for Murder”

So why am I telling you all this? ‘Cause of my latest review!

A high school friend,

{{ I don’t even want to tell you how LONG ago that feels like now }}

bought my e-book. And had the following to say, which totally made me SMILE OUT LOUD.

If Banyan’s been on T.V., maybe the Cap’n and I will be too. Netflix, you listening?

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