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Thinking about starting your Vintage Bus ...

Thinking about starting your Vintage Business?

Feb 05, 2021

You may think that by the beginning of 2021, the Vintage market might slowly be saturated, but the truth is that it's just starting and, according to studies, will even over grow the Fast Fashion industry.

We created this page to help you understand all aspects of starting your Vintage business. Find the right supplier (wholesaler, flea market, thrift shops, etc.) and understand which sales channel (online or physical) is the best to start for you till getting in your first sale.

Topics you will find on

- Creating your brand

- Where do you start selling? Online or directly in a shop.

- Who will be your target group? Depending on that, which way of supply is the right one?

- If you want to sell online, all details about setting up an online shop, which channels to use, and how to take great product photos.

- How should you price your products? A straightforward way of calculations of making your business profitable.

- Shipping rates

- How to make your first sale? Marketing strategies for all budgets.

We are in the Vintage industry for 5 years and looking forward to sharing our experiences, ups, and downs with you.

If you have other topics you are interested in, please feel free to always write us an email or leave a comment.

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