A Poem About Coffee

A Poem About Coffee

Mar 11, 2023

Hot and brewed

Into my brain

So I can write again

A drink to think

Elixir of Awakening

— — -

Perk and drip

Fuel my mind

Let it unfurl and unwind

It’s a friend, who treats me kind

This Elixir of Awakening

— — — — -

Words to go onto a page

Happy, maybe sad, or full of rage

Take a sip from a warm cup

How do you start a day?

Without the Elixir of Awakening

— — — — — — -

Now it’s gone my mind is fine

It sings and dances like a night of wine

Words now flow from my mind

A word, a thought, another line

Thanks to you

My friend

Elixir of Awakening

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