If fucks could fly

If fucks could fly

Apr 12, 2021

If fucks could fly

I'd be on a flight

To a place

Where there are no fucks to give;

A careless one.

If fucks could fly

I'd travel the world

On your plane sized opinions.

I'd use the clouds as my bed

While you fuck me every day.

I'm the receiver

Of these continuous flying fucks;

Not the giver.

I want a careless society,

Not a fuck-less one.

If fucks could fly,

I'd run an airport

And charge rent

To every fuck

That flew.

My fucks would be polka dotted middle fingers

With wings always in flight.

If fucks could fly

There'd be an infestation;

A swarm of fucks.

An army of middle fingers.


Fucks can't fly.

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