Jul 02, 2021

Your name is on the tip of my tongue

But I can't seem to spit it out

The sour taste in my mouth is begging me to forget.

Your words travel down my insides

like my favourite little pill that I love to swallow

And suddenly,

I've got a warm, fuzzy feeling.

A warm, fuzzy feeling that engulfs my entire body.

I feel as if I'm human static

clinging to your every heartbeat

Like The incessant white noise on your television.

When our lips form a kiss,

our two worlds collide with each other,

and its every kind of magic.

An explosion of energies.

Our ghosts meet,

and greet each other with warm embrace

as You reach in

and pull my thoughts from inside of me.

And suddenly,

I remember your name

Mr he who shall not be named.

The sour taste in my mouth

has transformed into bittersweet

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