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Shhhhhh The Trekkies are Talking Podcast

Shhhhhh The Trekkies are Talking Podcast

Jan 08, 2024

S1E1 : Balancing Individuality versus Hive Mind. A conversation about “I versus We”. Ayn Rand explored it in 1938 in her book Anthem, Roddenberry + Hurley explore it with the Borg. Was Hugh’s existence improved by learning about individuality and by learning that his culture did not allow for such a thing? What does that mean even? We are social creatures and also individuals — we need both I and We. How do we balance individuality versus the hive mind? What does the STTNG Borg Canon tell us about how to answer this question and address the issue of individuality, ie the good of the one versus many, for ourselves in our lives?

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