Expert Gardener Potting Mix is just as g ...

Expert Gardener Potting Mix is just as good as Miracle Grow and costs a lot less

May 18, 2022

By Mike Thayer

Expert Gardner Potting MIxEverybody loves good looking plants and a lush look be it container plants indoors, containers outside on a patio or deck or even a full fledged backyard garden. 

Enter Expert Gardener Potting Mix

I do a lot of container gardening with a mix of flowers and veggies.  I like container gardening because it's so portable, I can easily transfer containers from one spot to another, enhancing the look of one living space, or creating another.

My preferred potting soil is Expert Gardener Potting Mix, available at Walmart for just $4.74 for an eight quart bag.  This mix provides all the nutrients plants need to get a great start in whatever planting vessel you choose.  Good for both indoor and outdoor plantings, this soil is light and won't weigh down your pots and containers.  And don't throw away the packaging, which includes tips and charts on repotting, transplanting and how much soil you need.

Tomato planted in Exper Gardener Potting Mix A happy tomato!

Why pay $5.99 for a bag of Miracle Grow potting mix, which I used to use, when you can get the Expert Gardener brand for $4.74?  Save yourself $1 + a bag for essentially the same thing.  I've used this stuff for two seasons now and see no difference in plant growth.  Expert Gardener does the same job as Miracle Grow and it's cheaper.

Expert Gardener Potting Mix is great for indoor containers, outdoor containers and as a nutrient rich top dressing for full fledged backyard gardens.  I'm giving it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's a repeat buy!

5 stars

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