Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas for a Tasty ...

Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas for a Tasty Holiday

Dec 24, 2022

By Mike Thayer

Looking for some Christmas dinner ideas?

The best part of putting together a festive meal is seeing all the smiles on the faces of family and friends as they take delight in the Christmas menu.

Here are some dinner ideas for your celebration of Christmas.


Appetizer:  There's nothing better than a charcuterie board to start things off.  Easy to put together, I really like putting a board out, there's no cooking involved, freeing me up to work on the main menu.  Another great thing about charcuterie boards is how flexible they are.  There's something for everyone on the board, meat lovers, cheese lovers, veggie lovers, sweet, savory, salty and more.  Use your imagination, there's really no recipe, it's all about what you like in presenting a festive appetizer.


Garlic Parmesan and Dill Oyster Crackers

All Purpose Snack/Crouton/Casserole TopperGarlic Parmesan & Dill Oyster Crackers.  These easy to make and tasty crackers come in handy for a number of uses and they're a real crowd-pleaser.


Hot Chocolate Bombs

Care for something to drink?  Is there anything more comforting after coming in from the cold than a cup of hot chocolate?  And while those Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets are OK in a pinch, making your own hot chocolate is SO much better!  Make some Hot Chocolate on a Stick.


Roast Beef

Roast Beef: Yes, a Roast Beef done on the grill for Christmas!  Crock pots are for non-grillers. If you’ve got a grill big enough to accommodate a roast with the lid on, this will be some of the best roast you have ever eaten. It doesn’t matter what cut of roast you have, whether it’s a chuck, top round, rib or rump.


Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast Smoked

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast:  Originally a Thanksgiving tradition, this turkey is SO good, it's now part of a Christmas tradition as well.  This recipe is for two to four people, or a Bachelor with a lot of leftovers.  It's easy to prepare, delicious on the plate.


Smoked Ham

Low & Slow Smoked Ham:  Next to bacon cheeseburgers and steak, ham is one of my boys’ favorite items off the grill. It's also a Christmas Dinner tradition. This recipe is simple and celebrates the great flavor of smoky ham, my favorite meat for Christmas.


Bacon Wrapped Crab Cakes

Side Dish, Stuffing Alternative, Christmas Eve Dinner Option:  Good for any occasion, not just Christmas Eve or Christmas, everything is better with bacon, especially crab cakes - wrapped in bacon!   This recipe rocks! 


Christmas Cookie Making

No Christmas is complete without cookies!  Enjoy a couple of Christmas classics, Candy Cane cookies and Chocolate Crinkles!


Cinnamon rolls

Christmas morning or day after breakfast item:  This is a fantastic cinnamon roll recipe, making THE softest rolls LOADED with flavor! What makes them that way? The mashed potato flakes... That's right, instant potatoes is a featured ingredient in this recipe, creating a superior cinnamon roll.  They're simply awesome!


Enjoy these recipes, hopefully you've found something here to add to your holiday table.

Merry Christmas everyone! ~ Mike

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