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Message from PoliticallyIncorrect!!

Message from PoliticallyIncorrect!!

Dec 26, 2022

“I cant Thank you all enough... a wonderful woman, I wont give names, from Blues community... drove half way across the province this fine Boxing Day... to bring me your gifts...  I managed not to cry when She showed up... but I had a good cry after She left....  Thank you all sooo very very much... what I have had to do and go through, no human should have to go through... but we know why.. We know its a grand fight, between evil and good, and sometimes we get caught in the middle when we wont stand with their evils...  Thank you soo very much, all of you... you have all touched me ... to my very core... every penny towards healing... The Lady also brought me mms and Schweitzer Formula, and another friend brought me Shungite.. it is still amazing me, how it all just walked in the front door... I have been putting the shungite in my water, 24 hours... I sip on it.. I feel armed for anything!! haha...  I have been telling Blue how scared I am... and I was... knowing this infection is running rampant.. Its going to take me everything to myself back to good.... Ive learned a pretty valuable lesson... about not having my health... and Ive always been healthy as a horse...  I love you all soo much ... Thank you thank you thank you ”

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