Author Resources

Author Resources

May 13, 2021

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a post targeted towards fellow authors and editors.

I've been collecting resources over the years of little ebooks and things that could give me ideas for marketing, help with editing, and basically put me on a positive road down the path of self-publishing. Now, if I'm perfectly honest, I haven't read all of these books, but for the most part, even if it's just a little bit of knowledge, that puts you one step further in your journey. I hope that they can help you too!

There are six more books not listed on the screenshot above that are included in this .zip file. All of these are FREE resources. Here's the link!

Aside from the books, there are two files that I've curated on my own: one being a collection of links that could help in editing and marketing, and the other, a collection of notes I've cobbled together from author-related e-mails, and ideas I hope to use for my blog, etc.

I'd love to know if this is helpful for you, and if there's something specific you'd like to see more of!

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