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Aug 22, 2020

Never Marry A Shifter, Book 1
Exclusive to the Soul’s Day Boxset for a limited time
Releasing October 2020

An unedited first glimpse at Jilted by Azaaa Davis 

I didn’t want to believe it. Staring at a blurry photo of two men fighting, I squinted my eyes some more. Was that my man giving someone else a beat down in an alleyway? Tilting the cellphone a bit more, I tried looking at the image from a new angle. 

“It’s not him.” Definitively, I snapped the purse-like phone case closed and handed it back to my roommate. 

“Then why did he run when I called out to him?” 

I barely resisted rolling my eyes at her persistence. 

“Anyone in an alley would run if they heard you yelling at them.” 

Our eyes locked. Her’s narrowed in suspicion and mine grew wide with feigned innocence. My face cracked as I chuckled at my thinly veiled insult. 

“You’re so lucky you’re cute,” my roommate mumbled as she turned away. 

With a sigh of relief, I picked up my cellphone and walked away. I urgently needed to talk to my fiancé. With a full bladder and a need for privacy, I closed the bathroom door behind me before I made the call. 

The phone rang and rang some more. Was that the fourth ring already? I liked speaking on the phone but hated leaving voicemails. Instead of sounding sexy and confident, I ended up sounding like a confused twelve-years-old on recorded messages. I hung up. 

Why was I letting my roommate Yvonne get to me? This was my time to shine. I remain determined not to let envy from others dampen my mood. Besides she’s too upset about me breaking our apartment lease to be trusted these days. So what if I didn’t give her thirty-days notice. Was that any reason to make up lies about my man? Yvonne should have seen the writing on the wall. Of course, I was going to move out. I’m banging a hot doctor and he’s begging me to be his wife. My days of slumming it in Brooklyn are over. 

Knowing she can’t afford this place on her own should have caused me more guilt, but it didn’t. Maybe when I’m old and gray I’ll wonder if my roomie ended up homeless or back home with her momma. But today I’m twenty-one, engaged and I don’t care. 

© 2020 Azaaa Davis 

Administrative assistant by day and boss lady on social media by night, Theresa enjoys sharing her charmed life with half-million followers. The only thing she loves more is being engaged to the hottest doctor at the clinic where they both work. Cementing her fame by reaching one million followers would be the icing on her wedding cake. 

Life stops running smoothly when her husband vanishes on their wedding night and a leaked photo of a barely-dressed Theresa yelling at the police sparks a viral sensation. With everything at stake—love, reputation, followers, and job—she embarks on a reluctant voyage of discovery. Follow Theresa as she stumbles over her new husband's secrets and develops her inner strength.


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