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Embarrassing Update to the Final Message

Embarrassing Update to the Final Message

Apr 30, 2023

Immediately after posting my Final Message, I heard from some people I respect who asked me to leave the account open. Basically they said that even if I think I'm not going to be writing enough to justify this page, (a) I don't actually know how much I'll be writing online — after all, I've quit blogging about as often as my chain-smoking dad quit cigarettes — and (b) it should be up to my readers to decide whether I'm doing enough to justify their support. Well, okay then. I'll leave it up.

Here's what coming from me, aside from the newsletter and the micro.blog:

  • soon, a long essay on Thomas Pynchon, for The Hedgehog Review

  • also soon, a much shorter essay on where the American West begins, for Raritan

  • later this year, an essay on the value to artists of social and technological resistance, for The New Atlantis

  • sometime next year, my critical edition of Auden's The Shield of Achilles, for Princeton University Press

  • two book projects I'm not yet able to talk about.

So I'm still a busy boy! And again: I am touched and gratified by your support.



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