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Current status

May 12, 2022

Folks, let me thank you once more for your support. It’s very gratifying! 

Blogging has continued and will continue, though the Invitation and Repair project will not see many posts in the coming weeks. The reason is this: In July the amazing Sara Hendren and I will be leading a retreat on this very subject at Laity Lodge. I had a wonderful talk with Sara last week and emerged with a thousand buzzing ideas that are going to take some time to settle down. Preparing for the retreat will take time; sifting what I will learn from Sara, and what Sara and I will learn from the retreat participants, will take more time. So expect some further articulations of the project in the late summer or fall. Truly: this is something I want to work on for the rest of my life. 

In the meantime, I’m continuing to think about mid-century modernity – you’ll see that that post has a tag also, a new one. 

A couple of reminders: 

  1. I still send out the occasional newsletter, though not as faithfully as I once did.

  2. You can subscribe to a weekly digest of my micro.blog posts, most of which are photos. I just posted some this morning, from a visit to the Lake Waco Wetlands, which are beautiful but troublingly dry for this time of year. So much of our future is going to be about what being where it ought not to be and not being where it ought to be. Sigh.

Finally, if you know of people who might support my blogging, would you please pass this message along, or point them to this Buy Me a Coffee page? I am really interested in pursuing my ideas through this peculiar but also empowering medium of blogging, and – hey, a man can dream, can’t he? – would love to have enough support that I can make it my chief writerly work. 

Blessings to all – 


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