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Changing It Up

Changing It Up

Mar 12, 2023

Hello friends --

For quite some time now I've divided my online presence between my good old blog, where I've posted a variety of things but mainly brief essays and commentary on things I've read online, and my micro.blog page, where I've primarily posted photos and used the Bookshelves feature to record the books I'm reading.

But lately I've been increasingly frustrated with the old blog. WordPress is clunky and awkward in the best of circumstances; plus, I came to feel that I was reading too much stuff online just so I would have something to comment on there; and, perhaps most important, I was confining myself to brief commentary on everything, even when some things deserved extended commentary and others deserved none at all. So ...

I'm changing things up. The old blog is going on hiatus, and I'm going all in on micro.blog. I'll continue to post images -- especially of Angus -- and will actually document my book-reading more carefully, sometimes using images for that also. I'll make more brief audio posts: look for at least one of those in the coming week. In short, I'll be diversifying and experimenting. But because I'll be focusing on one platform, I'll also be simplifying. And this will have the additional advantage of allowing me to focus on crafting longer-form essays. Needless to say, whenever I publish anything bigger I'll link to it at social.ayjay.org. And remember, you can subscribe to a weekly digest of my posts there.

I thank you once more for your support and hope that support will continue, but mainly I hope you'll enjoy the new stuff! (Angus, though, seems a bit dubious.)

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