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Back in Action

Back in Action

Apr 10, 2024

Hello friends,

After a mostly-silent Lent I am back to yakking again, mainly at social.ayjay.org, where, if I may remind you once more, I also link to things I have published elsewhere. If you subscribe to the site, you'll get a weekly email digest of the posts. One will be going out in the next hour or so, as it happens.

I continue to be excited about both of my book projects, one being a biography of Dorothy L. Sayers and the other concerning the films of Terrence Malick. Lately most of my reading has been in Sayers, mainly her own writings but also related texts. For instance, as a preparation for thinking about her first Christian play, The Zeal of Thy House, I've been reading two of the plays that preceded hers at the Canterbury Festival: T. S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral and Charles Williams's Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury. I can't, of course, share too much that will end up in the book, but I will be commenting occasionally on Sayers at my Big Blog with the tag DLS.

I have tons of material on Malick, but I am now, mainly, waiting for the release of his next film, The Way of the Wind — and there's some encouraging news on that front! I really do believe that a lot of my ideas about Malick's filmmaking will coalesce around that movie ... but time will tell.

In other news, on Monday the clouds parted just long enough for us to get a good look at the total solar eclipse. It really was astonishing: darkness at noon and all that. I didn't take a good photograph of it but as totality approached I took some bad photos that I kinda like anyway, and I've leave you with one of those. Thanks again for all your support — it means so much.

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