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New update of the Axhor Blackcore 3D pri ...

New update of the Axhor Blackcore 3D printing head.

Oct 23, 2022

It's been several weeks now since we last published, we were waiting to present you the latest evolutions of the Axhor Blackcore project.

We started by reviewing the cabling management for the adaptation of a CAN module on the new print head, which as a reminder consists of a Hotend Phaetus Rapido HF and the Orbiter V2 extruder with its sensor. The various components require 24 connections, 24 wires coming from the control boards.

  •          Stepper motor Extruder              ----------- 4 wires

  •          Capteur Extrudeur                       ----------- 4 wires

  •          Résistance                                    ----------- 2 wires

  •          Sonde de température                ----------- 2 wires

  •          Capteur inductif nivellement     ----------- 3 wires

  •          Ventilateur Hotend                      ----------- 3 wires

  •          Ventilateur impression                 ----------- 3 wires

  •          Eclairage LED                              ----------- 3 wires


TOTAL                                                              24 wires


To reduce the number of connections coming from the control boards, we opted for the use of a CAN controller board to manage the different components of the 3D print head. This allows to bring back only 4 wires instead of 24, a 24V power supply (+ and GND) and 2 wires for the CAN bus. There are several solutions available on the market, Huvud, Fly Mellow SHT, Bigtreetech to mention only the main ones. Robert Lőrincz, the designer of the Orbiter extruder is himself working on a new CAN tool board, we follow his project with great interest. For our first tests, we made the choice to work with Mellow FLY products. We had a SHT-42 card available, which allowed us to do our first tests which were very conclusive. In addition to a simplified cabling management, we now have an ADXL345 accelerometer embedded on the SHT-42 board. We also wanted to test the new Fly SHT-36 V2 version from Mellow, unfortunately the board we received was defective. Mellow have confirmed that they are sending us another one, we are waiting for it. We will keep you informed of our results as soon as we receive the replacement SHT-36 V2.

You can find the STL files for version 1.1 on Printables and By me a Coffee.

We will present you very soon the new Axhor Blackcore printer finished and functional.

Reminder of the main features:

  •           Control Board Makerbase MKS Robin Nano V3.1

  •           4 x Stpper motors LDO Nema 17 48mm

  •           4 x Drivers TMC 2226

  •           Raspberry Pi 4 B + Waveshare RS485 CAN HAT

  •           Toolhead CAN Mellow Fly-SHT36 V2

  •           Custom firmware Klipper + KlipperScreen

  •           Display Waveshare TFT 5”

  •           Extruder Orbiter V2 + Sensor

  •           Hotend Phaetus Rapido HF

  •           Camera Pi 8MP

  •           Accelerometer ADXL345

  •           Inductive Sensor Z Probe

  •           RGB Neopixel lighting of the printing area, ring of 12 Leds 5050

  •           RGB lighting of the frame, sides and top

  •           Power supply Mean Well RSP-500-24 24VDC/21A/504W

  •           …


If you want to participate in the development of the Axhor MK3 BlackCore, join us as an exclusive member:

You will be able to communicate directly (in French, English or Spanish) with the main actors of the project, Henry for the electronic part and the development and Dany for the design and the manufacturing.


Thank you for supporting and following the news of the FabLab Axhor.



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