YDPO Devonport Airport Tasmania

YDPO Devonport Airport Tasmania

Feb 19, 2022

As  promised. Devonport airport has been released and is now available to purchase for non-members and free to members.

Important Note:

We are experiencing problems with the Australian Update as Asobo's new terrain has added ground anomalies affecting a number of the previous mods. 

These can be seen as rocky outcrops and even rocks hovering above buildings.

ORBX have also decided to replicate our scenery which may unfortunately close us down. 

I will endeavour to address this problem and I will let you know if a solution does come to fruition.

Scenery reported to date as being affected by ASOBO Australian World Update is as follows.

  • Hobart Casino.

  • Blundstone Arena

  • Claremont Cadbury Factory

Existing Scenery Reported as being duplicated by ORBX

  • The Tasman Bridge

  • The Batman Bridge

  • Mount Wellington Towers.

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