Holiday Shenanigans

Holiday Shenanigans

Dec 24, 2022

So my daily tarot cards have had to be paused. I do plan to still do them. Still have readings and those offerings.

With the holidays coming up, I figured I could post about life as a small business owner. What it's like. What I plan to do better moving forward and going in to 2023.

The tarot readings are a new addition for me. I am also a fiber artist though. That's why my go to tarot deck for myself is the Yarn Tarot.

But being a fiber artist is hard. I started designing my own patterns this year. Basic animals like slugs, snakes, and a dumbo octopus.

I've had to learn photography and picture editing on a phone. I have a long ways to go there, but it's steps forward.

I've learned what goes well in my business. What works for me. What items I can stand making over and over again and what I will not make on a regular basis.

Creativity for me is a spiritual practice. It is healing and calming. Hopefully in 2023 I can merge my dreams of card reading and crochet together. It'll be interesting to experience that and see where life takes me.

There's where my thoughts are. There's where I want to go. Hopefully in the future I can offer things like printable tarot journals, more patterns on my Ribblr, and use this space to show both aspects of my business, witchy and fiber related alike.

Blessed be everyone. This experience is so new to me, and I appreciate the people who are supporting me along the way.

Here's to growth in 2023.

Daily tarot will continue December 26th 2022.

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