The Mind – An excerpt from The Concept o ...

The Mind – An excerpt from The Concept of ‘God’

Mar 09, 2021

The mind is described as ‘an extension of the soul’ by the Yogis and Siddhas. However, it shouldn’t be mixed with the functions of the brain. The brain is a tangible physical entity, but the mind is an intangible construct. Though the mind has its base in the physical body and more specifically, the brain, its functioning is much more complex than the brain and its component parts. As research goes on to understand the brain’s working, it must be remembered that the brain, per se, is a bunch of neurons similar in structure and composition. It is helpful in storing the information collected through the 5 senses as electrical impulses. The mind, however, is the actual executor of the sixth sense. It works on different levels; it thinks, feels, endeavours, executes actions, analyses the results, adds up experiences and comes to conclusion(s) using the information available in the brain. The sense of reason gave rise to thoughts in the brain, which resulted in experiences. There is another important factor that evolved with thought, and that is emotion. Emotions are considered to be a result of thought; many a time, emotions give rise to thoughts. However, both are complimentary.
Hitherto, five-sensed beings only had a stimulus and response to survive and that too in the present moment. An organism like a rabbit, when searching for food, uses its ‘sight’ to observe its surroundings. When it finds a carrot, its eyes form a mental image of the carrot in its brain. While searching for food, if it hears a predator like a fox sneaking nearby, the rabbit records the sound at that point of time. Both the mental image of the carrot and the sound of the sneaking fox are recorded in the brain as electrical impulses. These impulses recorded in various situations form the subconscious of the rabbit’s brain. The subconsciousness helps the rabbit in the future when it faces the same situations. But for creatures like the rabbit, which can’t think, these instincts from the subconscious are helpful at that present moment and not all the time.

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