Mar 09, 2021

What could happen if emotions overpower the thoughts while forming a mind? We have seen, read about and heard of different types of personalities or characters in people. We have some innate characteristics that differentiate us from others. The experiences we add up in our brains give rise to our thoughts. But, when the emotions we experience during the thought process result in a newer set of thoughts, some of which we have never experienced before, a new mind can be seen to evolve alongside our original minds. This mind is, however, short-lived, since our emotional status changes after some time.

But, if the emotional experience is deeper than usual, the thoughts that rise will be of longer duration, and the new mind persists longer than usual, side-by-side with the original mind. Such occurrence of
2 minds have been heard of as split personalities, with each mind having a set of thoughts, habits, and characters influencing the physical body in their own way. If in case there occurs multiple sets of minds (each with a different thought process) in the same brain, we call that situation a multiple personality disorder!

The emotions don’t just affect the mind, but the physical body too. The hormones affecting our physical body (when we feel emotions) go askew when we develop extreme mental conditions. Hormonal imbalance is a common problem these days, and we think it is because of our changing food habits alone. But actually, our minds play a part too! A little change in endomorphin or oxytocin can greatly affect our happiness and imagine if our way of thinking and our lifestyles gradually bring down these hormone levels. I am afraid a very glum future awaits us!

Having a healthy set of thoughts is crucial in our lives. With a multitude of thoughts forming every second and a range of emotions influencing them, it is very, very hard to focus on the present and it is not our fault too. Considering the history of multicellular life forms, our evolution and existence on Earth is confined to a very short period of time. The windows of subconscious having expanded at an exponential level our brains are not fully developed yet to handle the sixth
sense effectively.

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