An Overdose of Rationality

An Overdose of Rationality

Mar 08, 2021

‘Don’t eat that, it’s against our religion!’, ‘Don’t do that, our religion forbids that!’, ‘Don’t wear that dress, it’s not our culture, it’s theirs!’  ‘Don’t talk to them, they belong to that caste!’, ‘Don’t trust them, they belong to that religion!’.

Are you used to hearing these words? Is your religion controlling so much of your life, that you forgot what you like for yourself?

No matter what religion one might belong to, we are used to these words, a lot, all through our lives. These days they are more common in the society to persecute people in the name of religions.

Using religions and their Gods to regulate our behaviours, to set rules in our societies, to curb our individual freedom, to punish us for our mistakes, all this seems wrong, don’t you think? Even in this age of science, with written laws by our side, the religions’ hold over our minds remains and seems to be growing strong. The very thought of opposing religious ideas is seen as blasphemy and we are often condemned for that!

Being cursed away, beaten up, lynched, beheaded and worst of all, raped, just because we think better than the people who lived centuries ago writing down religious texts!

What brought us to this heinous point in history?

Some say, it’s just the way our societies evolved. We were animals in the past and we grew up to become humans. But the animal part hasn’t left some people. The irrational idiocy of a few is corrupting the society as a whole. The pain of religions is so unbearable that a happy life, which used to be a dream for many, has slipped to become a long-lost thought!

 We are all born to live a content life, a happy life, a free life. We must live our lives, not with the fear of punishment from our Gods, but with caution over our thoughts and actions. We must think for ourselves, individually, effectively and we mustn’t give away that right to our religions. For only with freedom of thought there is progress and prosperity.

Do you believe so too?

If yes, what can we do about this dilemma? How can we change this religion ridden society?

My answer is, Women! Yes, Women.

The call our languages mother-tongues and not father-tongues, for a reason. It is because any person would only listen to their mother and what language the mother teaches is what makes up that child’s expressions throught its life.

Now, what if our women, our mothers, taught rational ideas about Life and God, instead of religious texts to their children? What if our sisters taught us to reason with our thoughts instead of pondering about religions and their stories? What if we can change the next generation this way?

It’s about time we moved into a modern outlook. It’s about time women took charge to bring about this change.

But be warned! This is no ordinary fight we are getting into. It’s a long war ahead. And I ask you my dear mothers and sisters, to teach not just your children, but everyone around you, to take a step towards rationality. I ask you to fight against this old system of blind belief. I ask you to wake up the society and make it progressive. And from my part, I give you my thoughts in my book.

Use them as swords in your battles! Let’s win this war against irrational thoughts of religions! Let’s make a better world for our children!


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