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My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Sep 15, 2022

Writing is my happy place. Writing brings me joy. Writing allows me to unleash my imagination and my innermost thoughts. Writing also serves as therapy. A way to reflect on my past trauma and heartache. A way to evolve spiritually and move past old narratives. A way to relate and connect with all of you.

If I had it my way, I would write every day. Every minute. Every instant. I would make a living off of my words again.

Since I am a Manifestation Queen and go-getter, that is exactly what I am doing. Only this time around, I am doing it my way.

This time I am penning the stories that stir my heart and creativity instead of what the editorial and publishing industry deems fit. Stories I can'y type fast enough as they pour out of me like a stream of water from a tipped jar. Stories that feature Latinx characters that I feel, see, and hear in my mind.

This time I believe in myself with an unrelenting and unwavering certainty. This time I am asking for what I desire without shame or guilt.

Things are changing. I am changing. I have changed. And that’s why I am no longer giving away my writing for free. I know I deserve more, that my prose and narratives should be compensated. I know that you, dear reader, know this also because you have supported me along the way.

So, where does that leave us? What does this means? That I have found a better way to entertain you all, to connect through words, and to share my stories and, soon, my romance novels and other book projects.

I invite you all to Buy Me a Moscow Mule.

To donate whatever you can on a one time basis (ranging from $1-$5) to read a story. No recurring memberships or subscriptions. Just donate as you wish and when you wish to read a story that I have published.

Next week, I will have the first story available to read by donation.

This is the direction I am going in. I cannot wait to share what I have been writing behind the scenes (romance novels and a second Love Trips book, plus, poetry). I am so excited to make my happy place my permanent home - and I hope you come visit.

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