The Secret Poem

The Secret Poem

Jun 14, 2022

In statu quo,

we live in a world of loneliness.

Time moves on and fate repeats itself.

We watch as someone else takes their place, while we sit here waiting for someone to come along.

What do all Travellers need?

in statu quo, — Images Created with DALL·E, an AI system

In a world of loneliness,

where each conversation is a walk through an empty corridor.

All we hear is footsteps fading away as they get lost in the distance.

We look up at the sky to find ourselves alone, where stars are no longer there to be found.

We look around for someone with whom to play, but the only ones we see are here with us now: those who have come and gone again.

Lonely people living in a world of emptiness can transform into life-forms.

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