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The Information War

The Information War

Dec 16, 2020

One of the most difficult issues regarding the hysteria of Covid 19 is the division between family and friends. For fellow seasoned researchers, this is nothing new, but due to the onslaught of propaganda, I'm sure this has been brought in to stark contrast for many of us.

The struggle between keeping the peace, versus the very likely fallout from sharing information that goes against the deeply ingrained indoctrination, regardless of how factual, can leave many of us feeling isolated and frustrated, which is by design.

The goal is one of demoralisation and acquiescence to the illusion of an all-powerful state that has the right to dictate how we should live our lives under the guise of a noble cause - the greater good.

But with all tyrannical systems, their Achilles heel is truth, and while we may not be able to envisage the light at the end of the tunnel, the fact that they spend so much time and energy to censor and obfuscate the facts is proof that they fear the public waking up to the grand deception.

Never before in history has the entire human race faced such a diabolical global fascist take over that threatens to forcibly strip every man, woman and child of their inalienable rights. But never before in history have we been able to reach out and connect with so many others which is our best form of defence.

There is a war being waged against humanity and it is not being fought with tanks and guns, it's information - and the objective is complete capture and neutralisation of the human body, mind and spirit. This is an assault on the very essence of life on earth and our best defence is to awaken the sleeping masses to their impending enslavement under martial medical law.

In my opinion, whether we succeed or fail will not be the measure of success, it will be whether we live and die according to our own principles. I believe this to be the true nature of freedom.

Here are some titles that may help you in your efforts to expose the grand covid deception.

A salute to all my brothers and sisters who support my work.

Thank you.


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