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Sword Of Kadash (episode one!)

Sword Of Kadash (episode one!)

Mar 19, 2023

I'm hardly a veteran of RPGs but that doesn't stop me from losing valuable years of my life playing them! Late last year I started playing Sword Of Kadash and I'm hooked. It's a simple-looking game, ahem, but it is so enjoyable. And massive!

So I've decided to map the game and post what I've found bit-by-bit rather than playing through and then posting on the website. If that makes sense? So, the first article is up and a partially completed map too.

It's going to be a long slog... but a fun one!

I hope you will all enjoy following me hunting down the Sword? Have you guys played it? You can comment directly on the website - I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you've completed it or not!

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