Drops of Jupiter: Episode 4

Drops of Jupiter: Episode 4

Sep 29, 2021

In the evening she met with John at the observatory. It was just a small, private one from a befriended astronomer. But since he was on vacation they could use it and take some photos with their own equipment. 
“I made my traveling list,” she said. “Yeah?” John seemed surprised. “Well, so far I’d be traveling over a year,” she laughed.
A screw fell to the floor. “Oh damn, John! You know how hard it is to find a screw in the dark!” Stella laughed and they both went searching for the screw only to bump their heads together. “Sorry,” John mumbled and got up.
They didn’t speak a lot that night. John seemed rather moody and she knew better than to push him. He always had to figure things out for himself.

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So I finally decided for the title 'Drops of Jupiter' before I finish the book without a name 🤭 This month was the first time I added weekly spreads. I use them to make a short description of my day (which was quite a challenge at first, writing short 😂) because I noticed that I sometimes forget what I did. And as much as I do write, I don't always write daily 🤭

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